Hostels are a great way to save money. If you are a young traveler looking to stay in an inner city locationĀ  on a budget then a hostel is by far your best option. You can also make some friends along the way.

We recommend you follow some steps to ensure your hostel stay is a comfortable one.

1. Book ahead – Many travelers believe its a turn up and find a location, this can be the case, however when in Sydney particularly in the Summer months (December- February) hostels can be booked out. It’s best to search and find contact details at least to where you plan to stay. This means you areĀ  halfway to getting a bed. After you have been on a long flight the last thing you want is to be stuck at the airport calling hostels trying to find a bed.

2. Consider cost vs. location – Saving those extra dollars on a nightly stay can mean a lot to a solo young traveler, but keep in mind that a hostel location out of the city means transport costs to and fro. Forking out those extra dollars on a nightly dorm rate may mean you are within walking distance to many Sydney sightseeing activitites. Factor all these considerations before booking.

3. Respect others – Hostels in particular dorms are a budget option, that means lots of people sharing one space. Be considerate of your temporary roomies, don’t take long showers, pick up your dirty socks and don’t invite loud guests. Everyone is there to see the city and have a good time so following some basic rules can mean a good nights sleep and everyone wants that on some nights.